Date Associated Documents
11/25/2019 Definitive proxy statements Filing Download
11/25/2019 Additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and Rule 14(a)(12) material Filing Download
10/21/2019 Preliminary revised proxy soliciting materials Filing Download
10/21/2019 Parker Drilling Files Revised Preliminary Proxy Statement Proposing Range of Stock Split Ratios to Reduce Number of Stockholders of Record Below 300 Press Release View
10/21/2019 8-K - Current report filing Filing Download
09/11/2019 PRE 14A - Preliminary proxy statement not related to a contested matter or merger/acquisition Filing Download
09/10/2019 8-K - Current report filing Filing Download
09/10/2019 Parker Drilling's Board of Directors Approves Plan to Voluntarily Terminate Registration of Its Common Stock with the SEC and Voluntarily Delist from the NYSE Press Release View
09/10/2019 Frequently Asked Questions Resource Download

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