Parker Wellbore and TDE join forces to transform the drilling industry with tde powerline™

March 12, 2024, Houston, Texas and Vienna, Austria Parker Wellbore and TDE have entered into an exclusive strategic alliance aimed at revolutionizing the drilling process. The TDE /Parker partnership will perform pilot projects and commercialize TDE’s proprietary tde powerline™ downhole power and data highway and will provide tde powerline services globally.

  • tde powerline, provided by the TDE/Parker partnership, will contribute to a greener, more efficient drilling process, emphasizing resource efficiency, emissions reduction, and improved overall drilling safety. The ability to reduce NPT and improve safety by eliminating pulsers, turbines, batteries and enabling a continuous view of conditions at-bit and along-string measurements will drive immediate, informed, and actionable decision-making to deliver safe, efficient wells digitally and consistently, accurately and on schedule.

  • tde powerline is the industry’s first downhole high power, high bandwidth data highway enabling intelligent digital drilling systems - a key enabler for AI driven solutions and drilling automation. tde powerline wired drill pipe technology provides electric power from the surface via the drill string to the BHA and greatly increases downhole data streaming while drilling to levels not seen today. The tde powerline technology delivers 300 watts of power and supports bidirectional communication at 200,000 bit/sec – a near-fourfold increase from current wired drill pipe data rates or 10,000 times mud pulse data rates.

  • tde powerline can uniquely be retrofitted to existing drill pipe with premium connections at the nearest Parker Wellbore facility or supplied as a pre-configured tde powerline drill string managed by the tde/Parker partnership. tde powerline requires no rig modification, no repeaters, and no added operational run time delivering a fully vendor-neutral, open-architecture platform for third-party BHA components. We are inviting downhole tool providers to collaborate to enable their tools to utilize the tde powerline power and data highway.

Sandy Esslemont, President and CEO of Parker Wellbore, commented:

“Partnering with TDE to bring tde powerline to our customers advances Parker Wellbore’s technology strategy of reducing risk and optimizing performance in the drilling process. Our global network of API Q1/ISO compliant machining facilities, yard space, and our pre-eminent position in providing and servicing the industry’s premium drill pipe make us the ideal one-stop global partner to support our customers.”

Gerhard Thonhauser, Chairman of TDE, expressing excitement about the collaboration, added:

"With Parker Wellbore’s global network and TDE’s digital technology expertise, we have forged a unique partnership to deliver tde powerline on a global scale. With Parker Wellbore’s leading position in high quality management of drill pipes and our extensive expertise in digital technologies, this partnership places us as the premier business partner to elevate drilling efficiency and sustainability to the next level."

Parker Wellbore has over 90 years in the global energy industry providing drilling rigs and well construction, well intervention and premium tubular and pressure control rental services. Parker Wellbore is one of the leading global providers of premium drillpipe managed service solutions backed by an extensive network of API/ISO compliant machining facilities in key operating basins around the world.

TDE is a pioneer in innovative data driven technology solutions with more than 23 years of experience in the energy industry. TDE is dedicated to enabling companies reach new levels of operational excellence in terms of safety, speed, consistency, cost reduction and positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions. With over 150 companies trusting TDE’s products and services worldwide, the company stands at the forefront of the digital transformation with unprecedented oil and gas expertise and digital domain know-how.

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